April 12, 2021

Live Aid Concert Series Comes To A Successful End In Singapore

Singapore: The final performance of the Chin Famine Live Aid Concert series took place last night in Singapore . More than 600 people filled the worship center at the Singapore Bible College to hear singers from Burma and Mizoram who have been touring Southeast Asia to raise awareness about food shortages and famine in Chin State, Burma .

“We are grateful to the performers who gave their precious time to promote the famine relief efforts,” said Pu Ro Thawng, a member of the Singapore organizing committee. “They are always welcome here and we hope to see them again.”
Sung Tin Par, Zam Nu, Mimi Lalzamliani, and Malsawm Tluangi (SP) gave rousing performances in last night’s concert. As the singers performed, images from the famine affected areas of Chin State were displayed across monitors above the stage, providing vivid reminders of the importance of the concert.
A rapid infestation of rats in Chin State starting in 2006 has led to food shortages and economic devastation for an estimated 100,000 people, according to the Chin Human Rights Organization. More than 1,000 Chin have already fled to India in search of relief from their hunger. Others are reportedly dying of malnutrition. The proceeds of the Chin Famine Live Aid Concerts will go to support cross-border relief efforts already underway in affected areas of Chin State.
At the concert’s conclusion, Zam Nu joined Sung Tin Par in a duet of “Chin Doh Tha Ney” or “The Land of the Chin people” composed by Salai Tawna. Energized by the song, several young men danced to the front of the stage linked arm-in-arm while the rest of the audience clapped and sang along.
“It was a beautiful way to conclude the evening’s events,” said the organizing committee member. The Chin community of Singapore was responsible for arranging the singer’s trip to Singapore and organizing last night’s concert.
This afternoon the singers also entertained during a combined service of Chin church fellowships of Singapore at the Church of Malaya . All the Chin church fellowships were in attendance.
Tomorrow, the singers will be returning to their respective homes in Burma and India . Although the concert series has come to an official end, advocacy and awareness-raising about the situation in Chin State will continue.
VCD’s of the Chin Famine Live Aid Concert series will be available for purchase soon, the proceeds of which will support cross-border humanitarian relief efforts in Chin State.

By Cer Chin
07 September, 2008

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