April 17, 2021

UNA: UN To Put Pressure On Junta For Tripartite Dialogue

In its letter to the UN on 8 September 2008, United Nationalities Alliance (UNA) urged Secretary-General of United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, to put more appropriate pressure on the junta to make engagement for tripartite dialogue.

The letter said: “We, United Nationalities Alliance (UNA), strongly believe that there will be no peace and tranquillity unless the national reconciliation could be built. To build the national reconciliation in Burma, the tripartite dialogue is the first and foremost importance of all.”
United Nationalities Alliance with Pu Cin Sian Thang and Nai Ngwe Thein as contact persons regarding the open letter to the UN also stated the necessity of negotiations among all nationalities, political parties and State authorities as ‘unavoidable’ in order to solve Burma’s deeply rooted problems.
The UNA branded military-controlled National Convention with hand-picked representatives as a ‘sham’, accusing Burma’s ruling junta of ratifying its draft constitution through a false referendum by force and fraud amid May’s Nargis Cyclone disaster in the country.
In response to Mr. Ibrahim A. Gambari’s diplomatic visits to Burma, the letter criticised as ‘not yielding any tangible outcome’, urging Mr. Gambari to work and act according to the UN’s mandates assigned upon him instead of talking about the need to cooperate with the SPDC’s proposed elections in 2010.
Mr. Gambari, appointed as Special Adviser on Burma to UN Secretary-General, has visited Burma six times since 2006, meeting with Burma’s ruling military regime and opposition party leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi. The UNA also highlighted his failure to meet with ethnic political parties and leaders, believing that the UN’s envoy is applying a different course against the UN’s mandates.
Political problems in Burma are connected with not only political instability itself by the authorities taking ‘absolute power’ but also racial issues of equality and self-determination among the national races which include the Burman, Chin, Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Mon, Rakhaing (Arakanese) and Shan according to the UNA’s letter.
The United Nations is said to have attempted, since 1994, successive resolutions to make tripartite dialogue between the SPDC, democratic forces led by Aung San Suu Kyi and leaders of ethnic nationalities.
United Nationalities Alliance (UNA), a coalition of 12 ethnic political parties that contested and won 67 seats altogether in the 1990 general elections, is formed with the aim of setting up a genuine Federal Union in which democracy, equality, self-determination and human rights are prevailed among all nationalities.

Van Biak Thang
10 September, 2008

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