April 17, 2021
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One Killed, Three Injured in Matupi Car Accident

23 November 2012: A goods-carrying vehicle slid downward off a cracked road near Matupi town in southern parts of Chin State on Wednesday, killing one and injuring three passengers.

Mr. Cang Lian, 48, died instantly while three others including Pu Tam Kui and driver U Aung Kyaw were seriously wounded in the accident between Matupi town and Kho-ngang village.

“Those injured were taken to General Hospital in Matupi town and are now receiving treatment,” said a Chin local from Matupi town.

The accident happened as the vehicle carrying timber and eight people got stuck in a crack and suddenly slipped off the road, according to the local.

“The road is narrow and it’s safe only for small vehicles to go. But bigger cars like this can’t pass easily and the edge of the road is just a pile of hardened soil, which is not strong enough,” complained another Matupi resident.

It was reported Lieutenant Win, of the People’s Police Force in Matupi town, turned up at the hospital in an attempt to interrogate a seriously injured driver-cum-owner as to how the accident happened.

“He [Lt. Win] was forcibly throwing questions at U Aung Kyaw, who was lying on bed. Friends and relatives sitting next to the bed answered as much as possible and finally asked the police lieutenant to come back the next day,” added the Chin local.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang
[email protected]

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