April 13, 2021
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Chin Baptist Churches to Hold Conference in Indianapolis

28 June 2012: Preparation is now in full swing for the 4th biennial conference of CBCUSA (Chin Baptist Churches USA), which will take place in Indianapolis of Indiana State, USA from 6-8 July 2012.

The much-awaited conference, to be hosted by Indianapolis-based Chin Evangelical Baptist Church (CEBC), is expected to attract more than 5,000 Chin Christians living across the US, with guests coming from Burma, Mizoram State of India and Canada.

Rev. Dr. C. Duh Kam, Executive Minister of CBC USA, said the conference would be blessed to open a new chapter in the history of Chin churches, adding: “What a small nation like the Chin needs most is to live in love and harmony in God.”

The three-day conference is also scheduled to hold meetings to discuss issues pertaining to the current situation of Chin Christians with aims to create a common platform for different denominations to collaborate for both physical and spiritual development of Chin people, and the possibility of starting evangelical mission works similar to CCOC (Chin for Christ in One Century).

Among the agenda items includes an overview of the works of government-supported Hill Regions Buddhist Mission across Chin State where an increasing number of Buddhist pagodas and monasteries have been constructed over the past few years amid various restrictions imposed on Christian activities.

With a motto based on a Bible verse from Isaiah ‘Whom shall I send?’, the conference of a 57-member umbrella organisation of Chin Baptist Churches in USA will also deliberate over improvements of Chin literature, education, relief and rural development among the Chins.

All the activities during the conference will be streamed live on CBCUSA website (www.chinbaptistchurchesusa.org) in order to help those unable to attend the Chin event view the whole programme online.

Originally formed as Chin Baptist Fellowship of America (CBFA) in November 2004, the Chin Baptist Churches USA, a name adopted during its third biennial conference in July 2010, has currently got an estimated number of about 14,000 members.

Indianapolis, dubbed the Chin capital city of USA, is home to over 6,000 Chins, mostly resettled as refugees under the UNHCR Resettlement Programme from Malaysia and India after having fled their native Chin State in Burma.

It is estimated that there are about 20,000 Chins living in the US alone, with over 100 churches across North America.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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