April 13, 2021
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Chin villagers Forcibly Demanded Domestic Animals for Military Rations

31 March 2011: Burma army soldiers patrolling in Falam and Thantlang Townships of Chin State forced local villagers to contribute their domestic animals for military rations in March 2011, Chin Human Rights Organisation’s source said.

Section Commander and his soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion No. 269 based in Tedim Township forcibly demanded two chickens and 20 cups of rice from Haimual village on 24 March, and another two chickens and 40 cups of rice from Thingcang in Falam Township on 12 March.

“The soldiers came to the village and ordered the village headman to get chickens and rice from the local villagers. They were patrolling in the villages that their military unit is assigned to control,” said one of the locals, who asks not to be named.

Villagers from Thinghual village in Thantlang Township were ordered to provide two chickens and 40 cups of rice by the same group of Burma army soldiers on 20 March 2011.

“The commander, with his six soldiers, arrived in our village. They not only forced us to provide chicken and rice for their food but also collected names with details including age, gender and family member registration form. But we didn’t know the reason,” said a local from Thinghual village.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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