April 14, 2021
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Northern Chin Townships Ask for District Administration ahead of Thein Sein’s Visit

31 March 2012: Local leaders in Tedim Township have sent a letter to President Thein Sein, asking for a separate District Administrative status for the northernmost townships, the Zomi Daily reports.

The decision was made during a meeting held under the leadership of the Zogam Rural Development Program (ZRDP) in Tedim from 19-24 March 2012, according to a source from the Chinland Today.

The proposed new district will encompass the areas inhabited by Tedim-speaking dialectal groups in northern Chin State, which include Tedim Township, Tonzang Township and Cikha Sub-township.

The leaders responsible for drafting the letter were also known to have met with some locals in Cikha Sub-township and Tonzang Township before submitting the document to Burma’s President, who is expected to make a visit to Chin State in the near future.

Pu H. Vum Za Nang, President of ZRDP was quoted as saying on Thursday that they had submitted the letter signed by three Tedim and two Tonzang MPs and Dr. Sian Za Kham on behalf of Tedim community leaders.

“Even if we are not successful this time with this government, we will keep trying with the next one until we get it. It is important that we keep praying wherever we are,” added Pu H. Vum Za Nang, who visited Naypyidaw recently.

Earlier this month, a similar demand was reportedly made for Hakha Township.

With an estimated population of just more than 500,000 and an area of 36,019 sq km, Chin State’s nine Townships and three Sub-townships are grouped into two administrative districts, Falam District for the north and Mindat District for the south.

Burma’s States and Regions are subdivided into several administrative tiers: Districts, Townships, Village Tracts, Villages and Wards Administration.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang
[email protected]

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