April 13, 2021
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Time-Bomb Exploded in Tonzang Township

23 March 2012: An explosive, thought to be a time-bomb, went off at the house of Pi Hau Cing in Aisih village, Tonzang Township in Chin State on Tuesday. But no casualties have been reported.

The explosion took place while some Suanghoih villagers, who were forced as porters by soldiers from Burma Army Light Infantry Battalion No. 89 based in Cikha village, walked in front of Pi Hau Cing’s house, according to the Chin World Media.

The bomb reportedly detonated when the door of Pi Hau Cing’s house was opened.

The bomb was reportedly identified by Burma Army soldiers as an explosive device used by the Indian army, according to a Tonzang-based reporter.

Details about who is behind the explosion still remain unknown. However, Burma Army soldiers suspect the involvement of Meitei rebels from Manipur State of India and Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA), sources claim.

On 13 January 2010, a shooting incident occurred along the hillside near Phaisat village in Tonzang Township between ZRA and MLA (Meitei People Liberation Army), killing two ZRA and three PLA members with many injured.

Chin State’s Tonzang Township is reported to have large area of poppy cultivation under the direct control of the local military authorities in association with the Meitei underground rebel groups from India.

Up until very recently, members of the Meitei rebel groups are said to be able to freely move around the region, including Tonzang Township, and Kalay District in Sagaing Division with their Burmese national identity cards.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang

[email protected]

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