April 14, 2021
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Seven Arrested after being Accused of Supporting Insurgent Group

07 August 2011: Seven locals from Vangva, Satawm and Saek villages in Falam Township were arrested on suspicion of supporting the Chin insurgent group by Burma Army soldiers late last month.

The Chin locals were seen being handcuffed on the road near Zawlte village by Captain Kyaw Kyaw Thu and his soldiers from Burma Army Light Infantry Batallion (LIB) No. 268 based in Tibual village,  according to an eyewitness.

“We were on our way towards villages along the Indian-Burma border for medical treatment and met them with one Tibual local, who was not handcuffed. After taking a chance to secretly chat with the locals for a few seconds, I was shouted at to stop talking,” the eyewitness told Chin Human Rights Organisation.

The Chin witness said the seven, whose names could not be confirmed as yet, included one from Vangva, two from Satawm and four from Saek villages in Falam Township.

It was rumoured that the Tibual local might have got involved in getting the seven villagers arrested.

“I didn’t know exactly how and why it happened. But I heard that the Tibual local, who was not happy with the arrested locals, made a report to the soldiers saying that the villagers were supporting the Chin insurgency,” added the witness.

It was reported that Burma Army soldiers from LIB No. 269 arrived in Tibual village mid last month.

There are more than 50 military camps with 12 battalions of Burma Army soldiers stationed and on patrol across Chin State after 1988 when only two battalions were being deployed.

Van Biak Thang
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