April 14, 2021
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Chin State Government to Take Control of India’s Donation

26 August 2011: The government of Chin State is in an active preparation for managing a staggering financial contribution by the Indian government for the development of Burma’s northwestern region.

The 8million fund donated to improve the ‘neglected’ situation of health, education, road and social conditions across Chin State will be channelled through the government’s administration, sources disclosed.

One of the senior government employees said that the Chin government decided to take control of the fund in an attempt to disseminate more effectively as the diverse nature of the Chin people is thought to have normally led to a dispute among themselves and an incompletion of the project.

A local community leader from Hakha told Chinland Guardian: “After years and years of corruption, dishonesty and exploitation by the government, it is not easy for us, the people, to believe in them until they can practically prove.”

Salai Ceu Bik Thawng, of the Chin National Party (CNP), told Chinland Guardian that it was great that the Indian government gave such amount of money to Chin State and that it is more important that the fund is used wisely for the benefits of the Chin people.

“We all will keep our eyes on the development activities carried out by respective departments of the government. It is essential that there should be accountability and transparency on each project,” said the CND Secretary.

On Thursday next week, the Chin government is holding a meeting with representatives of Burmese nationalities only from development and humanitarian agencies working for Chin State.

Mr. No Than Kap, President of the Chin Progressive Party (CPP), said the Chin government is responsible to improve the State, which he described as being ‘poor and undeveloped’ in comparison wit other states and visions in Burma.

In Hluttaw session being held in Naypyidaw, CPP is expected to put forward a proposal for the development of Chin State in areas including road communication, education and industry.

Last week, a meeting led by Captain Aung Min, Secretary of the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), was held in Thantlang Town discussing the identification and preparation of projects to propose to the Chin government in the near future.

Van Biak Thang
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