April 13, 2021
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2 Killed, 9 Injured in Car Accident in Chin State

09 February 2012: A passenger-carrying jeep tumbled down the road between Falam Town and Zathlir village of Falam Township in Chin State yesterday, killing two passengers and injuring nine.

Two passengers Pu Kio Ling, from Ngalti village and Pu Khuang Sai Lo, from Hnahthial village, died instantly when the jeep had a brake problem on the notorious Rih Road in the morning.

Pu Thawng Bil said in his email: “We are much saddened by the death of the two respected fathers. We have learned that those injured are also getting better today. Pu Kio Ling’s wife is going to have an operation at the hospital.”

The vehicle, which is badly damaged after violently rolling downhill a long distance off the road, is claimed to have been pulled out and taken to Falam Town today.

Belonging to a Chin local Pu Hrang Lawm and driven by Duh Lian C. Zamual from Falam, the jeep had a total of 16 passengers when the accident took place around 8am yesterday.

Road accidents across Chin State since Burma’s 2010 elections have claimed more than 40 lives and caused over 120 injuries only in 2011, according to Chinland Guardian‘s sources.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang

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