April 13, 2021
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Chin Student Girl among 15 Refugees Arrested in Malaysia

20 July 2011: The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) from Royal Malaysian Police conducted a night raid in Jalan Imbi of Kulua Lumpur, arresting 15 refugees including a 14-year-old Chin girl student last night.

Flevia Khuang Cer Thluai, a Grade-III student of Chin Student Organisation (CSO), was arrested around 10pm while walking home with her friend from the church service.

The student was said to have been freed late last night after the Chin community leaders were asked 300 Malaysian Ringgits for her immediate release by the CID staff members, according to the confirmed sources.

“The rest of the detainees are still kept in the police station. At least 1,000 Malaysian Ringgits per person might be required to get them free,” said one of the Chin leaders in Malaysia.

The ‘undocumented’ arrestees including 8 from Burma were taken to the Dangwongi Police Station.

Flevia Khuang Cer Thluai said she and her friend were stopped and asked for IDs by the non-uniform CID members in front of a corner shop in Jalan Imbi.

“They let my friend go after she presented her UN card to them. I took out my CSO student card but they still took me away. When I saw many others being handcuffed and sitting on the street, I was so scared and started crying,” explained the 14-year-old Chin girl.

“I was petrified when we got to the police station. But I didn’t know what to do then. I was so lucky that our Chin leaders came and rescued me from this nightmare,” added Flevia, who arrived in Malaysia from Burma in February this year.

It is claimed that some Chin children are being targeted to make money by the Malaysian authorities including police, CID members, RELA and Immigration officers on patrol.

In August last year, six children were arrested and taken to the RELA detention camp.

The CID is said to be carrying a daylight raid in other parts of Kuala Lumpur today.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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