April 12, 2021
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Villagers Grieved over Death of ‘Caring’ Tedim Teacher

20 July 2011: The local people of Tikir and other villages nearby in Thantlang Township, Chin State have been left ‘saddened’ by the untimely demise of a ‘kind-hearted and dedicated’ school teacher, Ms Dim Lian Cing.

Sayama Dim Lian Cing, 42, from Thuklai of Tedim Township passed away last Sunday after feeling ill from a summer holiday trip to her native town in the northern part of Chin State, where her parents live.

She was asked to stay longer with the family members until she fully recovered. But Sayama Dim was quoted as saying: “I have got to go back because the schools have re-opened and teaching should be started by now.”

Some Tikir villagers from abroad sent their deep condoleneces as they paid tributes to her for her loving kindness to the locals and selfless commitment to educating the children in the remote area of Chin State.

One of the leaders said: “We all are much saddened to have lost someone like Sayama Dim who from other Chin township gave her life for teaching children from other village. She deserved the highest respect of ours.”

Another leader remarked: “She has given us a new chapter of lessons that we, the Chins, should learn and pratically follow to improve the education in Chinland.”

One of the three daughters among 12 siblings, Dim Lian Cing was accompanied on her way back to Tikir village by her parents, Pu Thawng Khua Pau and Pi Bawi Za May, and one of her brothers.

In 1985, she finished her matriculation examiniation and worked as a primary school teacher in Kanpetlet Township, Chin State and in Nine-Mile of Kalay Myo, Sagaing Division.

After completing her Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and working as a Senior Assistance Teacher (SAT) in Burma, Sayama Dim first came to Tikir village in August 2007 to see her sister and husband, Van Lal Cung.

Since then, Sayama Dim Lian Cing was volunarily teaching at the village’s school and later supported financially by a Chin family of Pu Thawng Hup Thang living in the US.

There are Primary and Middle schools in Tikir village, according to Myanmar Information Management Unit.

The government of Chin State, which is recently named the poorest among 14 States and Divisions in Burma, has been criticised for the intentional exclusion of ‘education’ from the list of eight ministries installed recently.

In this year’s budget, Burma’s ruling junta has allocated only 4.3 percent for education and 1.3 percent for health while nearly 24 percent is reserved for the military.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang
@Chinland Guardian

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