April 13, 2021
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Four Burmese Nationals Killed in Malaysia

09 December 2011 – KUALA LUMPUR: Two Burmese nationals were found killed in a gruesome manner in different incidents in the state of Penang and Kedah of northern Malaysia.

Kyi Moe Lwin, better known as Asraf, 32, who worked in a construction site in Penang was found with his skull smashed and his right ear almost severed after reportedly getting involved in a quarrel with a fellow countryman.

He was believed to have been repeatedly hit by his assailant with a sledgehammer. A 27-year-old suspect has since gone missing.

Police ruled out robbery as all the deceased’s valuables were left untouched.

In another case in Kedah, a young Burmese national in his twenties was killed by several drunken housemates after a quarrel over a woman in a rented house.

The victim’s housemates, who are also Burmese nationals, later cleaned the body and sent it to the nearby hospital claiming that their friend died of a serious illness.

The hospital however called the police after discovering a deep gash on the left hand and a stab wound on the right armpit.

A total of seven suspects are nabbed while the eighth suspect is still on the run.

Meanwhile in Perak, a kidnapper believed to be from Burma was shot dead by the police and his body was left in a hospital after a postmortem operation.

Police has contacted the Burmese embassy in Malaysia to help identify the body.

Reporting by Thomas Chong

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