April 17, 2021
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Victims of Landslides Still Left Homeless in Chin State

12 September 2011: Six families whose houses were completely destroyed by recent landslides in Khayaing village, Kanpetlet Township of Chin State have not still got proper places to stay, a Chin Christian pastor said.

More than 30 members of the Chin families have been sheltering in local churches since heavy rains that swept away their houses in the landslides on 28 August 2011, according to the pastor, whose name is kept anonymous.

“Community leaders and church members are looking for places for them to stay. But there is no response or help from the government until today yet,” the Khayaing pastor told Chinland Guardian.

“The villagers have been helping and taking care of each other in this difficult time. As they are in such remote areas, their sufferings cannot be heard easily. Now that we have heard, we believe their problems could be solved with our collective prayers,” appealed the pastor.

No casualty is reported following massive landslides in the region caused by ‘unusual’ torrential rains for nearly a week from 12 to 25 August.

The victim families, from a Dai Chin tribe, are of Pu Saw Mana, Pu Thang Bu, Pu Kui Saw, Pu Mana Paing, Pu Hung Ling and Pu Mana Hung.

The Chin Baptist pastor also mentioned that another two families have been moved to a safe place as their houses, believed to be swallowed soon, stands on the verge of landslides.

In other parts of Chin State, where flash floods and landslides ravaged houses, bridges and farm fields, local communities have made a concerted effort to rebuild their livelihood in collaboration with and help from Chin people living in foreign countries.

Khayaing village, locally spelled in Dai dialect as Kham Jäng, is about 50 miles away from the biggest town, Kanpetlet, in Kanpetlet Township, Chin State.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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