April 13, 2021
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Chin Engineer to Run for School Toilets in Chin State

12 September 2011: UK-based Chin graduate civil engineer Van Cung Lian is to take part in The Great North Run 2011 next Sunday to raise fund for building and repairing Bualrawn Middle school toilets in Falam, Falam Township, Chin State.

Van Cung Lian, aka Anau, told Chinland Guardian: “I heard news about my old school in Falam that they don’t have toilet facilities and students are facing difficulty. The footpath to school is also very slippery and many have been injured. The situation has never been improved since I was at that school and I can understand their hardship.”

“This news really touched my heart and I would like to improve the footpath to school and their toilets. So, I have decided to raise some money. With your help, they will have better facilities,” added Anau, who has participated in many other runs over the years.

Fund raised from the charity event will be contributed to the Bualrawn Middle School in cooperation with the Global Falam Youth Organization (GFYO), a local community group that has had experiences in implementing development projects in the past. 

“The basic idea of raising fund through running like this is that you take part in a difficult challenge and in return, your friends, family and colleagues sponsor you. The challenge could range from 5km up to marathon. I intend to finish half-marathon under 2 hours,” said Anau, a B.Sc graduate from University of Nottingham in the UK.

The event, one of the most iconic half-marathon across the globe expected to be joined by 54,000 runners, will aired live on BBC Television and BBC Radio 5 Live.

Van Cung Lian can be reached on +447865052944 or at his email: [email protected]

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang


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