April 18, 2021
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Shock as 4-yr-old Girl Raped in Hakha, Chin State

05 September 2011: A four-year-old girl, whose parents are in the US, was raped in her aunt’s house by Mr. Biak Hnin in Old Hakha town, Chin State last Saturday.

A close friend of the family, Mr. Biak Hnin, who is rather known in the community as being morally spoilt, ran away after committing a sexual crime, according to sources from Hakha.

“We heard that Biak Hnin was looking after the kid in the house as the nursery school was closed. As a family’s friend and neighbour, he normally played with her. It was believed that he did it out of his mind while she was falling asleep,” said a Hakha local.

Until today, it is not yet known as to where the Chin rapist has ran away or hidden since last Saturday.

The local police were right away informed as soon as the family took notice of the ‘shocking’ incident.

It is reported that Biak Hnin’s father and younger brother have been held in custody of the local police for further investigation.

The girl, who has been taken care of by her grandmother and auntie, was rushed to the hospital but no further information has been revealed.

Married once and divorced, Biak Hnin has got a bad history of drinking and violent behaviour, according to the local.

“We, people in Old Hakha town, are deeply saddened and shocked by what had happened in the community. We have never come across this kind of news before. Both families are so close to each other that this matter gets even more complicated,” said a resident in Hakha town.

It is claimed that an arrangement to meet with family members of the victim has been initiated by people from Biak Hnin’s family tonight.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang

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