April 17, 2021
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Chin Female Pastor Died After Bike Accident

09 August 2011: A Chin Christian pastor drew her last breath at a hospital in Thantlang Town today after being hit by a motorcycle around 9am in the morning yesterday.

Pastor Beauty, 62, was walking towards her office at Thantlang Baptist Church when the motorbike reportedly driven by a teenage boy aged around 15 knocked her down on the road.

The Chin pastor was said to have severe neck injuries and immediately taken to a private doctor before being passed onto Thantlang Public Hospital where she died around 5am this morning.

Chin Christian pastors and communities across the globe sent condolences and deep sympathies over the untimely departure of a devoted pastor, Sayama Beauty.

“We are much saddened by Sayama Beaute’s sudden departure from life. We all loved and supported her as she was the only female pastor in the town. She said she would serve for the Lord as she promised, and she kept her promise,” lamented Rev. Dr. C. Duh Kam, Executive Minister of Chin Baptist Churches USA.

Another pastor from Thantlang, Chin State said Pastor Beauty was a faithful, dedicated servant to God and her ‘premature’ passing away was a loss to them.

It is not yet known as to why and how the accident happened as the ‘hit-and-run’ teen motorcyclist from Tlangrua village in Thantlang Township has not been met, according to sources.

A funeral service, which will be led by Christian pastors from different denominations in the town, is set to be held at Thantlang Townhall around 2pm today.

In recent months, a series of bike accidents have been reported in towns across Chin State as an increasing number of Chin locals are taking motorcycles as a more convenient form of transport for travelling due to poor conditions of roads.

Last Friday, a truck carrying 15 passengers had a road accident near Laitui village of Tedim Township, killing two and injuring eleven.

Van Biak Thang
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