April 13, 2021
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Chin Refugee Stabbed to Death in Malaysia

03 April 2011: Mr. Zaw Ling Aung, 28, was knifed to death by his colleague, Tha Fu, 37, after a fight broke out between the two Chin refugees near Cameroon Highlands, Malaysia last Thursday.

The Chin refugees, both originally from Calthawng village in Rezua subtownship of Matupi in Burma’s Chin State, were known to be good friends working together in a cultivation, according to the Seihnam newsletter.

“The reason why they were fighting is not clearly known yet. However, we learned that the incident took place where they met after they reportedly had a telephone conversation. We were told that Zaw Ling Aung died instantly after Mr. Tha Fu used a knife against him only one time during their fight,” the Seihnam editor told Chinland Guardian.

Mr. Tha Fu, aka Pa Tei, has been since held in the custody of Chin Disciplinary Action Committee (CDAC), a community-based body tasked with tackling domestic issues that cause problems to the Chin community in Malaysia.

Pu Lal Siam Mawi, Chairman of CDAC, said: “We have been working hard for families from both sides to have talks and we are still in the process. If they can not come to an agreement of some kind and solve the problem within themselves, then we will have to take the case to the Malaysian police.”

Zaw Ling Aung, whose funeral service was held in Klang Meru cemetry last Wednesday, is survived by his wife and son who are now living in Pintaw-oo village in Kalay Myo, Sagaing Division in Burma.

Another incident was reported among Chin refugees in Malaysia where Ms Lam Cing, wife of Mr. Kap Mang, from Tedim in Chin State, was hacked to death at their home in Sungai Long, Kajang while her husband was working.

Their 8-month-old baby that was left unconscious under the mattress, was said to be in good health hours after being treated at the nearest hospital, according to VOCR (Voice of Chin Refugees).

It is claimed that the Malaysian Police have detained two Indonesian and one Burmese flatmates in connection of the murder.

The investigation continues.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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