April 12, 2021
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4-year-old Chin Refugee Girl Abducted in New Delhi

09 August 2011: Mai Ngun Tle Mawi, 4, was abducted by a ‘masked’ Indian man while she was sleeping with her parents at their rented apartment in New Delhi, India last Thursday.

The Chin refugee girl was brought back to the apartment after about 40 minutes of abduction at night, according to her father as quoted by Chinland Today.

“My daughter woke up when the Indian man first carried her but she just thought that it was me – the father. She told us later that the man covered her mouth and pressed her throat so she couldn’t make voices,” Pu Thang Lan Mang told Chinland Today.

Mai Ngun Tle Mawi, aka Mawite, has pains and difficulties in urinating although it is yet unclear what the man had actually done to her, according to the Chin family.

“When she was back to our house, she was crying in pain and fear. We asked her what had happened to her but she didn’t answer but fell asleep that night. Gradually, we managed to talk to her the next day,” added her father.

The family is known to have informed the UNHCR of the incident through the local communities including the Chin Refugee Committee based in New Delhi.

However, the family didn’t make a report to the Indian police.

Until today, it is not yet known what the Indian local had done to the four-year-old girl.

Sources said that the incident took place during the night when some other Chin refugees, who live in the apartment, slept at another place due to the ‘sweltering’ heat.

Pu Thang Lan Mang and wife Pi Bawi Men Zing with their daughter, from Zawngte village in Falam Township, Chin State, Burma live as refugees in Hastal, New Delhi.

Van Biak Thang

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