April 13, 2021
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One Killed in Series of Bike Accidents in Chin State

22 July 2011: A series of motorbike accidents have been reported in Chin State, killing one Mindat local and leaving at least two injured in recent days.

Mrs Naing Shen, in her mid 30s, died last Sunday after her motorbike collided with a car on the road between Pakokku town of Sagaing Division and Mindat town of Chin State.

A local from Mindat told Chinland Guardian: “Mrs Naing Shen, a mother of four, passed away on the way to Pakokku hospital after a doctor at Mindat hospital could not help with the facilities.”

Another accident occurred on Wednesday between Hakha and Surkhua village in Hakha Township, injuring a bike driver, known as Lianlian, from Cawbuk village, with his left leg broken and forehead wounded.

“He was driving at a rather high speed and suddenly crashing into our bus at a zigzag. The driver was flying in a thrown-away somersault. He was unconscious for a while,” a minibus passenger, Boiboi, told Chinland Guardian.

In Hakha town, a motorbike-hit accident was reported last Wednesday where a high-school student girl bumped into a 65-year-old Burmese businessman.

The Burmese, who was said to be in the town selling alcohol, asked a total of two lakhs in compensation for his minor injury, according to Seihnam newsletter.

“The school girl helped him stand up and said ‘sorry’ but the old man insisted that he should be compensated. In fear of dismissal from her private-boarding school, she paid the demanded money to him,” a local witness told Seihnam newsletter.

About 7,000 to 8,000 two-wheeled motorbikes are being used in Hakha Town alone, with a total of an estimated 4,000 registered.

Van Biak Thang
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