April 18, 2021
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Christian Fundraising Events To Be Held In USA For Fire Victims

22 April 2010: Zotung Organisation of America (ZOA) is to organise a series of “Christian Unplugged Shows” in three US States to raise funds for orphans and Lungkhing villagers of Chin State whose houses were early last month burnt down to ashes.

The upcoming events will take place in Maryland, Atlanta and Indiana on 29 May, 5 June and 12 June respectively, with Burma’s well-known singers Yadana Oo, Htun Htun and US-based Chin singers Monica Uk, Milla Dawt Hniang, Afam, and Zo Mang.

Salai Bawi Ming of ZOA Committee said: “As you all may be aware, the people are suffering as a result of the fire and they are desperately in need of help. It would be the most difficult time for them to survive in a country that has so many internal problems.”

The entrance fee to each show is set to £20 per person.

“Any amount that we could raise during the shows will go directly to the victims. By the grace of God, we have managed to raise a total of $12,000 so far from Zotung brothers and sisters based in the US. In Chin State, a working committee has already been formed to distribute any donations and to help the victims more effectively,” continued Salai Bawi Ming.

A fire that completely destroyed more than 40 houses of Lungkhing village, Hakha Township broke out around 12 noon on 11 March 2010, ravaging the families’ rice storage, belongings and domestic animals including pigs and chickens for four long hours. The total cost of the damages has been estimated to be more than 36 million Kyats.

About 250 villagers including babies and children have been left homeless, and in desparate need of food and clothes.

A concerted action has been taken by Chin communities, churches and individuals across the globe in response to the dire situation facing Lungkhing villagers after the village was allegedly set ablaze by a forest fire. A total of 7 Lakhs was collected during Thantlang centenary celebration of Christianity last month.

Severe damage caused by fire has been reported in Chin State including Tonzang, Falam, Hakha and Matupi Townships, claiming at least 15 people’s lives only in March 2010, according to the Seihnam Newsletter.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]
Chinland Guardian

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