April 14, 2021
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Famous Mizo Singer Met with Chin Churches During US Gospel Tour

22 July 2011: Popular Mizo singer Mr. Vanlalsailova has been travelling across cities in the US, sharing the gospel with and holding singing services for Chin and Mizo Christian communities since early this month.

The singer is said to be currently in Ocean City, Maryland after preaching and singing Christian songs at the Summer Revival Crusade organised by Chin Baptist Mission Church (CBMC) and at Mizo Presbyterian Church from 6-10 and 13-17 July respectively.

Pu Mang Cung Nung, of Chin Baptist Mission Church in Washington DC, said in his email: “Our crusade led by Vanlalsailova ended successfully. Through his preaching, we were also once reminded of the importance of leading our children to God rather than just dreaming of them going to God.”

About 400 Chin Christians turned up to the crusade held at Chin Bethel Church in Maryland every night, according to the CBMC’s website.

“Vanlalsailova used to sing love songs but after being ‘born-again’, he sings only Christian songs. He not only shared with us spiritual foods through his preaching and singing but also gave advice to the Chin youths on how to become a better singer and song-writer.”

The Mizo singer, from Mizoram State, India, praised the ‘brotherly’ hospitality of Chin communities in Australia during his two-month trip in August last year.

He also made a trip to the UK and Malaysia last year, meeting with Chin refugee communities.

Vanlalsailova said that he had never expected such hospitality and generosity from Chin people and it was a kind of the Mizo Nunmawi, meaing ‘beautiful social etiquette of life’.

Gospel singer Vanlalsailova is set to meet with various Chin and Mizo churches in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina and Texas States in the coming months until September this year.

Rated as the most popular singer among the Mizos since 2000, Vanlalsailova, from west Phaileng village in Mizoram, has started singing only gospel songs since 2006, and travelling abroad to preach through his vocal skills for four years.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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