April 18, 2021
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Memoir of Chin Freedom Fighter to Be Launched in Malaysia

16 June 2011: A book by Chin freedom fighter Victor Biak Lian about the struggle for democracy, freedom and justice in Burma is set to be launched in Malaysia and Singapore this weekend.

The 172-paged memoir in Hakha-Chin dialect contains a collection of selected articles written since 1998, exposing a ‘gripping’ account of experiences as a university student during the uprising in 1988, as a refugee in India, as a guerrilla fighter in Kachin State and as an activist speaking across the globe for change in Burma.

Chin MP in exile, Pu Lian Uk, said: “This is a book about blood and sweat shed by many Chin patriots, written with aims of saving the Chin people and their land that have been swept away by a raging torrent.”

Winner of St. Stephen’s Prize 2010 awarded by the Norwegian Mission to the East in honour of his magnificent contributions towards bringing democracy, human rights and reconciliation in Burma, Victor Biak Lian works as a member of the Ethnic Nationalities Council, of the Chin Forum, and of the Board of Directors of Chin Human Rights Organisation.

A former student activist and ex-Chin revolutionary soldier, the 46-year-old father of three unveils his literary skills of writing and telling stories through his book, a fictional memoir.

Pu Zing Cung, Chairman of Chin National Front, remarked: “In his book, Victor can clearly describe our tribulations  during a 103-day trip on our way back from Kachin State across Naga Hills to India amid attacks by Burmese and Indian troops.”

“I strongly believe that this well-written book will bring among the people patriotism and love for our land and nation.”

The book titled ‘Remembrance Days’, which also has poems, photos, cartoons and lines of dedication to those who worked tirelessly and gave lives for the cause of democracy, will be available for purchase in Singapore and Malaysia this weekend, in Australia and USA on 1 July, and in Europe on 27 July 2011 respectively.

Van Biak Thang
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