April 14, 2021
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One Died, Two Arrested Over Fight in Malaysia

27 April 2011: A Chin refugee, Mr. Peng Thang, 30, died early this morning after a fight with his Chin co-workers around 1am in Bukit Cheras Alam Damai of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The 30-year-old, son of Mang Soi from Leiring village in Matupi Township of Chin State, was reportedly beaten up by his two friends, Mr. Kui Loep, of Leisen village, and Mr. Zaw Ki, of Bunghung village, both from the same township.

A close relative of Peng Thang said: “I don’t know the reason why they fought. As soon as I got a call from a friend, I rushed to the place. He [Peng Thang] was covered in blood and his face was not in a good form. It was not very nice to see him any more.”

“He didn’t die instantly. He was still breathing but couldn’t talk. I informed the police of the incident straight away and they took him to the nearest hospital, where he died later. His body is still kept in the hospital,” added his relative in Kuala Lumpur.

The two killers were arrested around 2am in the morning and are still detained in the Bukit Cheras Alam Damai Police Station in the Malaysia’s capital.

An investigation is still in the process to find out how and why the fight broke out among the three co-workers.

It is claimed that the cost for a post-mortem examination at a private hospital where the body is kept is 1,500 Malaysian Ringgits.

The investigation continues.


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