April 11, 2021
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ZBC General Secretary Visits Australia

19 May 2011: Rev. Dennis Ngun Thawng Mang, General Secretary of Zomi Baptist Convention (ZBC) makes his first visit to Australia, attending the ordination service of Pastor Thomas Tun Sian Mung and meeting with Chin churches.

At the invitation of the Baptist Union of Victoria (BUV), he arrived in Melbourne on 2 May as a special guest to a Christian ceremony at Syndal Baptist Church in which the pastor of Chin Christian Fellowship (CCF) was ordained on 7 May.

The Baptist Union of Victoria (BUV) is an umbrella organisation for over 200 Baptist churches and Baptist agencies in Victoria, Australia.

During his visit, the General Secretary spent days in Melbourne, currently home to more than an estimated 3,000 Chins from Burma, preaching at Chin Christian Fellowship and giving training on church administration to members.

Former pastor of Zion Baptist Church in Hakha, Rev. Dennis Ngun Thawng Mang, who joined ZBC as its General Secretary in early 2010, is set to hold meetings with Chin and other churches in Australian cities including Sydney and Perth.

Sharing the gospel and current mission works of ZBC with Chin Christians in Australia, Rev. Dennis Ngun Thawng Mang is scheduled to return to Burma at the end of this month.

It is estimated that there are over 4,000 Chins in Australia.

Founded in 1953 under the leadership of Rev. S.T. Hau Go, the Zomi Baptist Convention, an association of Baptist churches in Chin State, has as of early last year over 200,000 members, with 873 churches, and 28 associations as well as 6 local churches based in Rangoon.

Van Biak Thang
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