April 13, 2021
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Chin Youth Gig Attracted Over 200 Fans in Denmark

23 April 2011: A youth gig organised by Chin music boy band, The Sun, was held at YMCA Inn in Esbjerg, Denmark last Thursday, with more than 200 fans in attendance.

The Sun Band’s first gig was aimed to bring Chin youths living across the Scandinavian country together to have closer relationship, and to protect and promote Chin songs among the youths in the new generation.

“The concert was well-organised and alcoholic drinks were not allowed inside the premises. The youths really enjoyed it. They behaved very well till the end,” said Pa Lai, who attended the gig.

Pa Lai also said all the songs, most of them composed by the Sun Band, were in Chin dialect.

The concert ticket was 100 Kroners per person.

Formed in 2008, The Sun Band made their first public appearance in the 2009 Chin Food Aid Concert, where famous singers Sung Tin Par, Dawt Hlei Hniang, Solomon Menrihai and Cung Lian Thawng performed to raise fund and awareness of the food crisis in Chin State.

The Chin youth music band is said of preparing a DVD production of music videos to support Chin community in Denmark, where nearly 1,000 Chins live.

Van Biak Thang

[email protected]

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