April 20, 2021
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Leaders of Chin National Day Celebration Detained in Tedim

21 February 2011: Five local youth leaders of Chin National Day celebration held at Kam Hau Stadium were arrested and interrogated for hours by the authorities in association of stickers distrubited in Tedim Town on 20 February 2011.

However, the leaders accused of being responsible for distributing stickers reading ‘To the Glory of 20 February’ and ‘Welcome Second Panglong’ were freed in the evening after about 300 local youths went to the police station demanding their immediate release.

A local from Tedim Town said: “They (the leaders) were arrested because of the stickers. The stickers were posted on walls and vehicles like motorbikes. The authorities saw these and were not happy. That’s the main reason why they were detained.”

Minutes after the incident took place, scores of local youths went to the police station, saying ‘Free our leaders immediately’, according to the local witness.

The detained youth leaders were eventually released after newly appointed Chief Minister of Chin State U Hung Ngai reportedly gave an order from Hakha.

Chin communities in Chin State were yesterday ordered to celebrate their national day with a banner reading ‘Chin State Day’ in towns including Tedim, Thantlang, Hakha, and Mindat.

“The authorities said that we were allowed to use ‘Chin National Day’ before. We were shocked to hear when we were informed in the morning of 20 February that only a banner of ‘Chin State Day’ was allowed to put up. There was no choice,” said one of the leaders from Tedim Town.

The 63rd anniversary of Chin National Day was yesterday commemorated by Chin people in their residing towns and cities across Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific Region.

Salai Nyein Chan and Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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