April 20, 2021
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Car Hit Chin Refugee to Death in Malaysia

12 November 2012: A Chin refugee, Mr. Peng Zung Sang, died at a hospital after being hit by a car while crossing the highway between Imbi and Pudu areas of Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

The 20-year-old married man, originally from Phaipha village of Hakha Township, Chin State, was crashed in a hit-and-run accident around 5pm as he was walking with his pregnant wife and his mother.

“We saw a Chin woman standing with a man lying on the ground and quickly got off from a taxi. Then, we called an ambulance straight away,” Nu Par, who was passing by in a taxi, told the Global Chin News.

Doctors at the hospital informed minutes later that the Chin victim could no longer hold onto life but had drawn his last breath.

The Senthang Fellowship, a community-based body providing social and religious services to Chin refugees, is scheduled to hold a funeral service today for Mr. Peng Zung Sang.

Until now, no information about the car and its driver is known.

Chin communities in Kuala Lumpur have warned refugees several times against walking across the highway, which is said to have claimed many lives in the past.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang
[email protected]

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