April 13, 2021
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GZA Calls to Observe ‘Zomi Thanksgiving Day’ Next Week

12 November 2012: The Global Zomi Alliance (GZA) is calling for collectively organizing a thanksgiving day on the last Sunday of November each year.

Rev. Dr. S. Pau Khan En, President of GZA, sent a letter saying that the fourth Sunday of November would be observed as ‘Zomi Thanksgiving Day’ in each of our respective residing countries.

“The day is to be held in accordance with the decision unanimously agreed by 345 GZA leaders during a conference in December 2011,” said Rev. Dr. S. Pau Khan En, former General Secretary of Myanmar Baptist Convention (MBC).

The last Sunday of November has got many significant reasons for observance such as commemoration of the first Christian converts and their baptism in 1905 by Dr. Erik Hjalmar East, and inception of GZA, he continued.

It was also the week, Rev. Dr. S. Pau Khan En added, that an opening ceremony of Cope Memorial Baptist Church was held and that a centenary celebration of the arrival of American missionary Dr. J.H. Cope to Tedim, which was held in 2010.

“It is also to remember and pay respect to those 18 leaders, who lost their lives in an accident in 2010,” said the former Principal of Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT).

Other important events include the celebration called ‘Festival of Praise’ attended by over 3,000 members from different denomination in 2005, and the singing of ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ song by a choir of a thousand voices in Tedim and English for the first time in the same year.

GZA’s six key leaders and 15 Standing Committee members are scheduled to hold meetings to discuss about the future movement of GZA from 15-16 November 2012.

Reporting by Salai Nyein Chan

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