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Food Crisis Tops Chin Party’s Immediate Agenda

7 January 2011: Tackling the issue of the ongoing food crisis in Chin State will be the top priority for the Chin National Party (CNP) when a new State Parliament sits in Hakha, top official of the CNP told Chinland Guardian.

The CNP, which won five State legislative seats out of 18 contestable seats in Chin State, is holding a three-day gathering, the first of such top-level meeting since the November 7 elections, in the Chin State capital which kicked off on Thursday.

Salai Ceu Bik Thawng, General Secretary of the CNP told Chinland Guardian, “Given the urgency of the situation, tackling the food crisis caused by rat infestation is the immediate and pressing priority for the party.”

In October 2010, the World Food Program (WFP) issued a new report saying that the food security situations in Chin State remained critical.

According to the Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO), the food crisis caused by rat infestation is still continuing, particularly in southern Chin State where access is extremely difficult due to the lack of road infrastructure and official restrictions, as well as, heavy militarization of the area in recent years. CHRO says that over 100 villages in Kanpetlet Township alone are on the brink of hunger and are in dire need of food relief.

A severe food crisis is being reported in parts of Kanpetlet, Mindat and Paletwa Townships.

Meanwhile, the CNP leader said that despite the urgency posed by the ongoing food crisis, his party remains committed to working towards infrastructural developments in Chin State, as highlighted in its recent campaign platform, in light of a series of recent tragedies in which many lives were lost in road accidents that could otherwise have been prevented with having proper infrastructures in place.

On November 26, 17 people were killed when a passenger bus overturned in Northern Chin State in a single vehicle accident. Another deadly road accident near the border with Sagaing Division killed at least one person this week.

“People are unnecessarily killed every year due to road accidents. At least 10 road accidents are reported every year in Chin State. Our party remains committed to addressing this issue,” he said.

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