April 13, 2021
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Chin Photo Exhibition on Display at Thai University

24 January 2011: Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai, Thailand is hosting an exhibition featuring an array of a prolific British photojournalist’s works on the sufferings and struggles of the Chin people in Burma.

The exhibition entitled Path of Perseverance: Chin People from Burma showcasing a total of 49 different photos, was inaugurated at 11:30 am today with an opening speech by Dr. Phanintra Teeranon, Associate Dean of School of Arts of the University, followed by a brief presentation on the Chin people and Burma.

Dr. Phanintra Teeranon said: “Through this photo exhibition, we could not only get to know about the ‘unknown’ indigenous people from the other side of our own little world but also share their sufferings. I strongly believe that these photos will tell the Thai people about the Chins to some extent and will be of help to achieving the goals.”

One of the organisers told Chinland Guardian that more people seem to get interested in the exhibit as it coincided with the widespread coverage on the Chin people by various news agencies including Time Magazine and Bangkok Post following the recent release of PHR (Physicians for Human Rights)’s report on human rights violations in Chin State, Burma.

One of the law students commented: “The fact that we don’t know much about what has been happening in our neighboring country makes it cystal clear how Burma is kept isolated from the outside world. I really think the ways ASEAN and UNO handle Burma’s issues is so soft that it gives better chances to grip on power for the regime that does not respect the rule of laws.”

“I wish the sufferings of the people ended soon in one way or another. The people are so brave but the problem is that guns donot have mercy in their country.”

The photographs, taken over the course of 16 months between 2008 and 2009 portraying the story of the struggle of ethnic Chin group who spread across three countries in Burma, India and Malaysia, will be on display at the university until 24 February 2011.

Mae Fah Luang University, established on 25 September 1998 as an autonomous higer-education institution in the north of Thailand, is the only public university that uses English as a medium of instruction, with a total population of 7,111 students, 257 teachers and 498 operating staff.

Salai Nyein Chan and Van Biak Thang
[email protected]


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