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Ethnic Block to Boycott Burma’s Elections

8 April 2010: In a move that will further dent the credibility of Burma’s planned elections later this year; the United Nationalities Alliance (UNA) has announced on Wednesday they will not contest the polls.

A 12-member coalition, the UNA consists of some of the largest ethnic political parties that had contested and won a significant chuck of parliamentary seats in the 1990 elections.

The ethnic coalition said in a statement yesterday it has taken the decision not to collectively re-register the parties for the elections in light of the regime’s continued failure to respond positively to its demands, one of which includes the review of the 2008 constitution. The move is expected to deal further blows to the credibility of the junta’s upcoming elections.

“We have made appeals to the State Peace and Development Council to act on the recommendations of the United Nations towards achieving national reconciliation, the essential steps for which include the unconditional release of all political prisoners, including Aung San Suu Kyi and U Khun Htun Oo; the initiation of a tripartite dialogue; and the review of anti-democratic provisions contained in the 2008 constitution,” the UNA statement says.

“Our views are fully consistent with the March 29 Central Committee decision of the National League for Democracy regarding the upcoming elections.” Suu Kyi’s NLD party has already refused to participate in the elections due to the unfair electoral laws.

Meanwhile, Rangoon-based publication the Voice Weekly has reported that as of 6 April 10 new political parties have registered with the Election Commission.

The United Nationalities Alliance is made up of Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD), Arakan League for Democracy (ALD), Arakan People’s Democratic Front (APDF), Mon National Democratic Front (MNDF), Chin National League for Democracy (CNLD), Zomi National Congress (ZNC) Kayin National Congress for Democracy (KNCD), Shan State Kokang Democratic Party (SSKDP), Kachin State National Congress for Democracy (KSNCD), Mara People Party (MPP), Kayah State All Nationalities League for Democracy (KSANLD), and Kayan National Unity and Democratic Organization (KNUDO).

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