April 13, 2021
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Government Servants Refuse to Cast Advance Ballot

5 November 2010: In a rare display of defiance, government servants in Dawn village of Thantlang Township earlier today refused to cast advance ballots, against the urging of the Village Peace and Development Council member U Khuang Lian, saying that they preferred to cast their ballots along with the rest of the voters on Sunday, November 7.

Meanwhile, in a final campaign push before the Sunday polls, the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) candidate U Ngun Hram was organizing a campaign event in Dawn Village today. The meeting, attended by 29 people was facilitated by the Village Peace and Development Council staff member and Village Tract Clerk U Buang Lian.

Dawn Village is situated in a remote area of Thantlang Township, just a few miles from the Indian border.

Advance voting for government officials, especially those who are assigned for duty on Sunday, takes place across Chin State.But advance voting is also being conducted for the elderly, security personnel and those who are traveling on election day.

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