April 13, 2021
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Burmese Nationals Arrested for Selling NLD ‘Membership’

21 May 2011 – KUALA LUMPUR: Some Burmese nationals were arrested on Thursday morning for selling ‘forged’ membership cards of National League for Democracy (NLD) to fellow countrymen in Jitra, a town in northern part of Malaysia.

The activities were first detected by the UNHCR which alarmed the authority and the Immigration Department in turn set the raid to nab the main suspect.

Immigration Deputy Director of Kedah State, Hasreena Hashim, said the forged membership card was sold at the price of RM500 (USD$168) to Burmese nationals without travel documents to facilitate them to apply for refugee status.

“Besides the main suspect who claimed himself as a leader of NLD-liberated Area Malaysia, we also picked up nine other people at the house rented by the suspect. Several equipments including two desktops, a printer, a scanner and papers were seized in the raid,” she said.

It has reported that the main suspect was arrested under Section 55D of the Immigrations Act 1959/63 (Amended 2002) for producing the counterfeit cards and faces a maximum RM30,000 fine, 10 years’ imprisonment and a maximum six strokes of caning.

Other nine members were detained under Section 6(3) of the same act for entering the country illegally.

Meanwhile in another case, six Burmese nationals were arrested near the Malaysia-Thailand border for attempting to enter the country without any legal travel document.

According to a Malay daily, all of them are on their way to meet an agent after successfully trespassing forest that separates Malaysia and Thailand.

Reporting by Thomas Chong

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