April 13, 2021
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List of Political Parties Registered For Burma’s 2010 Elections

17 October 2010: The Chinland Guardian is pleased to present a list of political parties (in alphabetical order) that are registered to contest in the 2010 General Elections in Burma.

  1. All Mon Region Democracy Party (AMRDP)
  2. Chin National Party (CNP)
  3. Chin Progressive Party (CPP)
  4. Democracy and Peace Party (DPP)
  5. Democratic Party (Burma) (DPM)
  6. Democratic Party for Myanmar New Society (DPMNS)
  7. Ethnic National Development Party (ENDP)
  8. Inn National Development Party (INDP)
  9. Kaman National Progressive Party (KNPP)
  10. Kayan National Party (KNP)
  11. Kayin People’s Party (KPP)
  12. Kayin State Democracy and Development Party (KSDDP)
  13. Khami National Development Party (KNDP)
  14. Kokang Democracy and Unity Party (KDUP)
  15. Lahu National Development Party (LNDP)
  16. Modern People Party (MPP)
  17. Mro (or) Khami National Solidarity Organization (MKNSO)
  18. Mro National Party (MNO)
  19. Myanmar Democracy Congress (MDC)
  20. National Democratic Force (NDF)
  21. National Democratic Party for Development (NDPD)
  22. National Development and Peace Party (NDPP)
  23. National Political Alliances League (NPAL)
  24. National Unity Party (NUP)
  25. Pa-O National Organization (PNO)
  26. Peace and Diversity Party (PDP)
  27. Phalon-Sawaw Democratic Party (PSDP)
  28. Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP)
  29. Rakhine State National Force of Myanmar (RSNF)
  30. Regional Development Party (Pyay) (RDPP)
  31. Shan Nationalities Democratic Party (SNDP)
  32. Taaung (Palaung) National Party (TPNP)
  33. The 88 Generation Student Youths (Union of Myanmar) (88GSY)
  34. The Union of Myanmar Federation of National Politics (UMFNP)
  35. Union Democratic Party (UDP)
  36. Union Kayin League (UKL)
  37. Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP)
  38. United Democratic Party (United DP)
  39. Unity and Democracy Party of Kachin State (UDPKS)
  40. Wa Democratic Party (WDP)
  41. Wa National Unity Party (WNUP)
  42. Wunthanu NLD (Union of Myanmar) (WNLD)




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