April 14, 2021
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District EC Dismissed Case against Independent Candidate

18 October 2010: The District Election Commission in Kalaymyo has reportedly dismissed a complaint against Enoch, an independent candidate vying for regional parliamentary seat from Sagaing Division. The original complaint, allegedly filed by supporters of rival parties, alleged that  Enoch illegally organized a campaign gathering without official permission.

“The event in question was merely the opening ceremony of my office. Elsewhere, it could have been considered an illegal gathering as we are required to have permission beforehand for such an event. The other parties seem to have filed their complaint on the basis that there were a gathering of more than 100 people when the office was inaugurated,” explains Enoch.

Born in Falam Township of northern Chin State, Enoch, 52, holds a Master Degree in History and is a businessman dealing in the production and sale of Chin traditional attires, according to his campaign bios. Residents of Kalay know him as a respected member and leader of the Chin community in Kalay area who has served the community for more than 20 years.

Enoch is contesting for a regional legislative seat in Sagaing Division as an independent candidate from Kalay Township where the ethic Chins make up a significant chunk of the population.

According to the Burmese election law, any ethnic groups who constitute more than 0.1 percent in a state or region outside of their original habitation can be represented in the pertinent regional or state legislature as a representative  responsible for thier ethnic groups from that region. Based on the total population of Sagaing Division, any ethnic group with more than 57,000 is eligible for a representative seat in the Sagaing Regional Legislative Assembly. As many as 220,000 ethnic Chins are estimated to be currently living in Sagaing Division.

Three main parties are contesting in Kalay Township of Sagaing Division: The Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), National Unity Party (NUP) and the Chin Progressive Party (CPP).

The main rival of Enoch is No Than Kap, the Chairman of Chin Progressive Party (CPP) and a controversial figure who was formerly a leading figure in the Chin National Front (CNF), an armed organization opposing the Burmese military junta since 1988.

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