April 13, 2021
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Linguistics Seminar Held At MIT

12 June 2010: A workshop-style seminar called ‘Linguistics Introduction For Translation (LIFT)’ was held at MIT (Myanmar Institute of Theology) in Yangon on 10-21 May 2010.

The 12-day seminar had two programmes, with LIFT attended by 28 and LIFE (Literacy Introduction For Education) by about 30 participants from different ethnic backgrounds in Burma.

One of the participants, Saya Mnai Kheng, of Dai tribe from Southern Chin State said: “The subjects we learned at the LIFT workshop are very good for those who are currently engaged in literacy and translation activities, and for those who are interested in pursuing these fields.”

“The workshop is very beneficial and valuable. I would recommend the need of attending this kind of workshop first to those who would like to participate in literacy and translation work,” said Saya Kheng, adding the training in particular would be very useful for literary works and Bible translation in Dai dialect.

The subject areas taught by some teachers from SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) and MIT at the workshop included phonetics, orthography, grammar, language survey, translation and semantics.

For some subjects such as language survey, a combined class was organised between LIFT and LIFE, which involved certain activities including playing games and singing songs.

The seminar, the first of its kind, was reportedly attended by representatives from more than 40 tribal or dialectal groups in Burma.

Reporting by Shwekey Hoipang


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