April 14, 2021
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Hundreds Attended Atlantla Chin Food Aid Concert

11 December, 2009: About 600 supporters turned up to Chin Food Aid Concert held last Saturday in Georgia, Atlanta, where a troupe of Chin artists performed to raise wider awareness and fund for victims of mautam food crisis in Burma.

Jordan Cinzah, Manager of the US tour, said: “The concert received a big turn-up of supporters and went better than expected. We had an excellent reception and it was one of the best so far.”

Chin people from other nearby US States such as Alabama and Carolina also came to attend the concert, and it was great to see our Chin fellows from different areas, he added.

One of the American participants said of the Chin concert as being lively and one of the best gigs she has ever attended.

The Chin singers, Sung Tin Par and Dawt Hlei Hniang, are said to be with friends and relatives in the US for Christmas and New Year celebrations while Chin rocker Solomon Menrihai will go back to Burma to be with his family.

Atlanta’s Georgia served as the 8th Chin Food Aid Concert being held so far in the 7th US city and it was the first time Chin Community in Atlanta has organised a concert and held a church combined service.

The next concert is to be held in North Carolina on 2 January which will be followed by another two in New York and Miami on 23 and 29 January, 2010 respectively.

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