April 13, 2021
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Paintings of Modern Art by Chin Female Student

15 June 2011: Chinland may be known as one of the most undeveloped and restricted states in Burma but the ‘nurtured’ talents and skills of her rising people in turn make her proud across the country, if not yet in the international stage.

The first gallery of modern art paintings by Anna Biak Tha Mawi presents a new piece of finest artistic work of its kind ever produced among the Chin people.

Some of the comments posted by Chin internet users read: “This is something absolutely new to the Chin people. But your paintings inspire us so much and you are one of the most talented Chin women in our generation.”

When asked about her artworks, Anna told Chinland Guardian that her paintings are more specifically associated with abstractism and figurativism under the term ‘modern art’.

“I briefly studied the basic theory of fine art and once participated in modern art workshop. But I just drew all my paintings out of my free imagination. Therefore, they can also be associated with expressionism,” added Anna Biak Tha Mawi, daughter of Rev. Dr. Si Khia, Professor of the Myanmar Institute of Theology.

The 21-year-old Chin poetess is a full-time final year student of Liberal Arts Program (previously known as Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies) at the Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT), majoring in English in the former capital, Rangoon.

Van Biak Thang
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