April 12, 2021
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Chin Refugee Sentenced To 15-year Jail In Malaysia

29 November, 2009: Malaysian High Court Judge Abdul Alim Abdullah last Wednesday sentenced a Chin refugee to a 15-year imprisonment for killing his three housemates during their sleep in Malaysia.

Sui Hmung Lian, 38, told the Malaysian court that he was made to do the houseworks including cooking, and was taunted and bullied since he started working at an oil palm plantation in Kuala Klawang.

The 38-year-old, of Tlangpi village, Chin State, used a hoe and a machete to kill his three Chin fellows, Zam Hre, 32, Van Kam, 37, and Bu Lian, 22, on 30 May last year while they were asleep around 7pm after drinking bottles of beer.

It has been reportedly claimed that it was nothing else but the ‘overdrinking’ habit that had led to this kind of unnecessary ‘horrendous and tragic’ situation among the Chin refugees stranded in Malaysia.

And some has attributed this kind of act to the negative consequences of a ‘neglected and failed’ education system in military-ruined Burma where only 1.4% of GDP is spent on health and education.

Sui Hmung Lian’s 15-year sentence will run from the day of his arrest on 2 June, 2008.

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