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Singers From Burma and India Joined Chin Food Aid Concert In DC

28 November, 2009: In support of mautam-hit victims in Chin State, famous singers from Burma and India’s Mizoram State teamed up in their performances at Chin Food Aid Concert held in Washington DC, USA yesterday.

Well-known Burmese singers Yadana Oo and Mi Mi Win Phe, and Mizo singer Nutei joined Chin artists, Sung Tin Par, Dawt Hlei Hniang, Solomon Menrihai and Salai Tawna in the US capital, entertaining a thousand-odd strong audience.

Coordinator of Chin Food Aid Concerts in USA, Salai Elaisa Vahnie, who gave a rendering presentation on the food crisis, said: “We, the Chin, are a diverse society. Even so, today we have proved that we can work together to achieve the joint goals based on our common interest.”

The concert kicked off with an opening prayer by Rev. San No Thuam which was followed by a short speech from Pu Roland Maung on behalf of Chin Community in Washington DC and words of thanks and encouragement from Pu Lal Aung.

The audience clapped their hands, screamed with delight and sang along during the concert where a music band comprised of five very talented individuals including Salai Tuah Aung, Zen Lian, Tuk Tuk, Kawl Lian Hmung and their white friend drummer made the night livelier and more entertaining.

Reports confirmed that the mautam food crisis, which started in 2007 after the advent of a bamboo-and-rat-related disastrous natural phenomenon into Chin State in late 2006, is getting worse due to ‘unusual’ weather and swarms of locusts that destroy crops, especially in Southern areas of Chin State.

“Even though we are getting tired after a series of concerts held in the US, we will not stop because this is for our brothers and sisters who are suffering from mautam food crisis,” said the Chin artists, who have also performed voluntarily in Asia and Europe since 2008.

As part of global campaign against starvation in Burma’s Chin State, a series of ‘Chin Food Aid Concerts’ has been organised since late 2008 by Chin communities in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, UK, Germany, Denmark, Norway and USA.

The next Chin Food Aid Concert is scheduled to be held in Georgia, Atlanta on 5 December, 2009, which will then be followed by another in Florida in January, 2010.

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