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Indy Chin Food Aid Concert Drew More Supporters

23 November, 2009: Another two series of Chin Food Aid Concerts held in Indianapolis came to a successuful end last Friday and Saturday with more than 1,500 supporters including family members of the late Rev. Dr. Robert G. Johnson, the last American missionary to Chin Hills.

The hall was packed to overflowing, the audience handclapped and screamed with delight, and the Chin singers performed tirelessly with their hit songs in the Indy gigs.

Coordinator of Indy Chin Food Aid Concert, Salai Van Ceu Uk, said: “Some people thought the singers, after this long tour, might get tired and won’t be able to sing properly but their performance was incredible and their voices sounded even better and more entertaining. The hall was filled with applause and excitement.”

Last Friday, the first Indy concert started with a prayer by Rev. Thawngling Mualhlun, followed by a powerpoint presentation on the ongoing mautam food crisis by Salai Elaisa Vahnie, Coordinator of Chin Food Aid Concert in USA.

The late Rev. Dr. Robert G. Johnson’s son and daughter, Richard Johnson with wife Linda Johnson, and Martha Martens, also attended the second concert held on 21 November 2009.

Clapping their hands, the audience stood in respect when the Johnsons were invited and introduced on stage where Richard and Martha gave short speeches in Lai dialect. The concert kicked off after Richard prayed in Lai.

In the attendance were also mothers with babies and children, with others coming from faraway places.

“We had to stop each concert around 11pm despite a big demand for more songs from the audience,” added Salai Van Ceu Uk.

On Sunday, the Chin artists Sung Tin Par, Dawt Hlei Hniang, Solomon Menrihai and Salai Tawna were invited to worship services at three Chin churches in Indianapolis and later in the evening to a combined service where they entertained the Chin youths with Christian songs.

Another series of Chin Food Aid Concert in the US will take place in Washington DC and Atlanta, Georgia respectively on 27 November and 5 December, 2009. It is yet to be confirmed that the concert will also be held in Florida.

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