April 17, 2021
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Police Chief Khin Yi Assumes New Post

13 November 2009: Chief of Burmese National Police Brig-General Khin Yi has reportedly been assigned a new position at the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

According to a report from Rangoon, the former head of Burmese police force has now been made Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, only symbolic and less important post compared to his once powerful position.

There has been no official confirmation of Khin Yi’s new assignment, but a source close to the new Burmese capital Naypyidaw has said that the ‘re-assignment’ of the former police chief is linked to his suspected role in letting ousted Rangoon Divisional Police Chief Colonel Win Naing to flee abroad while in his custody.

For the last several weeks rumors have spread about the sacking of Khin Yi following the removal of Divisional Chief Win Naing on charges of corruption in September.

There has been conflicting reports about Win Naing’s whereabouts. Some say he is in custody at Insein Prison, while other insider sources have disputed the claims saying he is still at large.

As Chief of the Burmese National Police, Brig-Gen. Khin Yi has been the face of the ruling military junta to the outside world, regularly giving press conferences and media interviews about alleged plots of violent campaigns by opposition groups in exile to overthrow the military regime.

Chinland Guardian

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