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CNF to Share Rangoon Peace Agreements with Chin Public

15 December 2012: A peace delegation of the Chin National Front (CNF) on Thursday arrived in Kalaymyo of Sagaing Division on the first leg of their trip to meet with Chin public following the Rangoon peace talks.

The CNF representatives together with Chairman Dr. Za Hlei Thang and Vice Chairman-I Pu Lian Uk hold a meeting with members of Chin churches, organizations and communities based in Kalaymyo.

Pu H.C. Ral Hnin, CNF Liaison Officer of Thantlang, said the team were thankful to the Kalaymyo Chins for their warm welcome and reception, adding: “We held a public meeting where we had a chance to explain about the peace-talk agreement signed in Rangoon and to listen to the people.”

Today, the CNF delegation would divide into two groups in an effort to hold a series of meetings with local communities across Chin State to share the outcomes of their agreements with the Peace-making Work Committee of Burma’s government.

The first group led by Assistant Secretary General-I Paul Sitha with Pu Thang Yen, Pu Thang Ning Kee, Pu Tan Thun, Pu Kha Pawng and Pu Ngai Ja Thang is set to visit the Chin townships of Matupi, Mindat, and Kanpetlet.

Another team comprising of Dr. Za Hlei Thang, Thomas Thang Nou, Salai Kipp Kho Lian, Pu Lian Uk, Pu Zing Cung, Pu H.C Ral Hnin, Pu Solomon, Salai Thla Hei, Pu Hau Kang, Pu Lalramlawma, Pu Thawng Za Lain, Pu Sang Lian Thang leaves for Tedim, Falam, Hakha and Thantlang townships.

When asked about the two townships of Tonzang and Paletwa, Rev. Tluang Ceu, member of the Chin Peace and Tranquility Committee, a religious group facilitating the peace negotiation process between CNF and the government, said: “This trip is just to make detailed explanations on the recent peace agreement in Rangoon. They [CNF] won’t hold any public consultation, which is scheduled to take place across Chin State in 2013.”

“This time round, they won’t be able to make a visit to Tonzang and Paletwa mainly because of the time constraints in their schedule,” added Rev. Tluang Ceu, who observed the Union-level peace talks in Rangoon.

The peace deal clarification trip is scheduled until 23 December.

During their stay in Rangoon, CNF met with leaders of political parties such as the Chin National Party (CNP), Chin Progressive Party (CPP), Shan National Democratic Party, All Mon Democratic Party, Phalong-Sapaw Democratic Party (PSDP), Rakhine Nationalities Progressive Party (RNPP), NLD, 88 Generation Students, United National League for Democracy, and Nationalities Brotherhood Forum as well as staff members from various foreign embassies.

Meetings with Chin churches, organizations, communities and university student groups on separate occasions also took place in Rangoon early this week.

Meanwhile, US-based Institute of Chin Affairs released a statement on 7 December 2012, calling on CNF to restore relationship with those Falams, who had suffered due to the Chin armed groups, in order to help bring reconciliation in Chin State as part of the peace process in Burma.

Peace representatives of the Chin National Front and Burma’s government reached a 27-point agreement during the second Union-level peace talks held in Rangoon on 7-9 December 2012.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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