April 14, 2021
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Locals Trained To Shoot In Chin State

25 October 2009: SPDC local authorities have given shooting training to a batch of people dubbed ‘volunteer firemen’ in preparation for helping monitor the 2010 elections, sources confirmed.

“We have to give money to the authorities so they can hire some people for the training. Actually, the trainees include government employees, firemen and locals. I think there are about 60 people currently being trained,” a Thantlang local told Chinland Guardian.

The locals are not allowed to travel in the areas where the training is given and the roads are actually blocked, the local added.

One of the firemen trainees was quoted as saying earlier this month that the training does not include anything on how to extinguish fires but how to use guns and shoot to hit the targets.

It is claimed that the village headmen are forced to take responsibilities of the training programmes in Chin State since September this year.

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Chinland Guardian


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