April 13, 2021

Mr. President’s Lies or Baits

26 August 2011¦ C. Van Lian Tu

“Come home, citizens!” declared Mr. President
In a Machiavellian call to clog a global vent.
What a cunning voice of patriotism displayed on
Amid slaying and confining many a Solomon!

“Let’s build our nation,” appealed Mr. Ex-Gen
From an imperious podium in a Chauvinistic scene.
What a hollow chant of love for a ‘blighted’ country
Amid acculturating ethnic peoples and NLD!

“Democracy and peace!” acclaimed U Thein Sein
In a narcissistic defense against truth and pain.
What a gaudy character of play on a world’s stage
Amid an Orwellian blitz against his own populace!

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