April 13, 2021

One Voice (Chin National Day)

One Voice (Chin National Day)

Van Biak Thang
Chinland Guardian
06 February 2008

No longer could the Chins stand the colony
Nor could they bear the hands of nobility;
Undaunted yet united they made their ways
Towards liberty they thus yearned in one voice.

Despite steep mountains and deep vales in between,
Days and nights on foot they traversed to the scene;
No rains and storms stopped their long journey and choice;
Together the Chins sought and fought in one voice.

Many a hand had tried but failed to part them
In course of seeking their national anthem;
Many years ago today penned a Chin song
Which in one voice they all sang along so strong.

Years of struggles for equal rights and freedom
To the Chins begot a national custom –
Chin National Day, brought up in harmony,
Marking the strength of one voice in unity.

Today ought the Chins to heed the tapestry
That history wove into a net of beauty,
Intertwined in the spirit of brotherhood,
In one voice firmly and steadily they stood.

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