April 13, 2021
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Disabled IDP woman sexually assaulted in Sami

25 November 2020 – A 23-year-old woman currently taking shelter as an IDP in Sami, Paletwa Township, who is visually impaired, was allegedly sexually abused in the camp by a 40-year-old man last Tuesday.

The victim, who is known to be an orphan, lives with her paternal uncle’s family after the death of her parents. The family had fled the AA-Tatmadaw conflict into the Sami camp.

Pui Pui, a leader of Sami Chin Women’s Organization, said: “We had discussion with the responsible persons of Sami IDPs’ camps, of Community Care for Emergency Response and Rehabilitation and the victim herself and agreed to take necessary action.”

The incident was reported to the local concerned authorities straight away. The Sami Police Branch immediately put the alleged perpetrator in custody and took him to the Paletwa Township Court in Paletwa.

Local sources said that the victim’s uncle wanted to withdraw the case and forgive him if the perpetrator apologized him with 500,000 MMK (approximately equivalent to 360USD).

However, the Sami Women’s Organization requested an action to be taken against the perpetrator in accordance with the law.

Regarding the case, 12 civil society organizations have taken a concerted action, writing an open letter to the township law office.

The CSOs said in the letter that they would like to see the perpetrator brought to justice and that they would support the victim to get fair and satisfied results while indicating that they were in disagreement with the attitude of the victim’s uncle because similar cases went unpunished and victims didn’t get proper access to system in the past.

The case continues. – Reporting by Cer Len Ci and Naomy VT Chin

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