April 13, 2021

Murder of four Burmese believed to be linked to conflict in Arakan

KORA BARU, 2 November 2016 – Four Burmese nationals including a woman working in Malaysia were brutally killed in a murder case believed to be related to ethnic conflict in Burma.

Malaysian police believed the kidnap-and-murder case in Kelantan, a state at the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia, was linked to ethnic conflict in Arakan state of Burma as the kidnappers were targeting Buddhists.

A police spokesperson said the four victims aged between 20 to 31 were ruthlessly murdered with stab wounds in their stomachs and chests. The four youths were found dead with their hands tied, and faces wrapped with plastic bags.

The four victims were workers at a construction site in Kelantan State, and they were kidnapped from their hostel by nine men at about 11pm on 25 October, their employer lodged police report the next day.

“The men who kidnapped them could be Indonesians or Burmese nationals. They came to the hostel by cars and looked for Buddhists.”

“The nine suspects might not even know the four victims. The case is similar to what had happened in Penang and Selayang in Selangor. This case will be investigated by officers in Kuala Lumpur,” said Kelantan Police Chief Datuk Ab Rahman Ismail as quoted by Sichew Daily.

Postmortem in a local hospital confirmed that the victims had been dead for three days when their bodies were discovered in a forest on 30 October.

They were believed to be killed at other place before their bodies were abandoned in the forest. – Reporting by Tom Tuan Peng

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