April 13, 2021
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Villagers in renewed fear after new Tatmadaw-AA clash

15 June 2016 — Last week’s fire exchange between the Burma Army and the Arakan Army that broke out near Kintalin (Kangsalang) village in Paletwa Township, Chin State has brought a new level of fear in the surrounding areas.

Peter Lawilu told the Chinland Guardian: “People have already been in fear since last year. This recent fighting has only added to their worries and panic. The issues causing this situation must be addressed and the fighting must be stopped as soon as possible.”

Local sources confirmed that the clash happened in the Chin village, about 30 miles away from Paletwa town, while Burma Army soldiers were taking a rest from making patrols in the area.

There are some soldiers from both sides injured but the number cannot be confirmed, according to the Khumi Media Group.

Lawilu said that a child had been injured in the leg after being hit by a bullet during the fighting. “The child is in good condition and has been treated with traditional medicines in the village,” he added.

AA soldiers were accused of setting fire on three Kintalin houses where Tatmadaw personnel were believed to be staying during their rest.

No one was injured from the blaze which had brought the houses to the ground and completely destroyed all the belongings of the residents.

The victim families are currently staying at their neighbors’ houses, Lawilu said.

Since March last year, a series of clashes have been reported between the two armies in southern parts of Burma’s western State bordering Arakan State, Bangladesh and Mizoram State of India.

The incident took place only five days after the chief minister of the Chin State government together with State ministers and government officials made a visit to Laungtin village where hundreds of internally displaced persons (IDPs) are taking shelter.#

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